All we have is Now (2018)

Music director

Wings for Louise

Ambient / Modern Classical

Echo 6 (2010 -2018)


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Pheek’s samplepack

Sound Design

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Allons nager vers la lune


Musical direction for the play

“All We Have Is Now” by Jason Rodi


In Summer 2018, I have been hired as the music director of the play “All We Have Is Now” by Jason Rodi (Nomad Nation / Moment Factory).

During this project, I composed the musical score and created the sound effects of the play, and played them live during 4 performances given in July 2018. The main challenge during the performance was to highlight the mutual interaction between the actors and the musicians as well as the audience that also formed part of the performance, which was designed to be an “immersive experience”.

The music of All We Have Is Now is based around a varying central theme that follows the acting and the different parts of the plot.



An ambient music project designed for visuals


A few months ago, I began to focus on sound synthesis and soon became obsessed with analog synths.

The instrument’s versatility allows for the fast creation of wide contemplative soundscapes, complemented with the intimacy of an upright piano that dives us directly into an atmosphere that is specific to Wings for Louise.


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An international broadcast project


I spent the last 10 years on my musical project, Echo 6, with the support of DDM Recordings label which helped me gain an international presence.

Throughout this project, I have composed a music than can either be upbeat or calm and introspective, and that always invites you to the imaginary.



Analog & modular synths, improvisation and… landscapes


Itinere, a Latin word for “travel”, consists of filming a jam session in a setting that leads us to mind-wandering, traveling and introspection.

I constantly film my performances as I travel around the country along with my synths.



I record the sound of my footprints in the snow…


…and I arrange it all to create sound textures layered with some melodies, basses and noises, in order to create a sampling package that I subsequently sell on the renowned Montreal techno producer Website, Pheek.



A first experience

While this project may not look professional enough, I decided to add it to my portfolio, as it represents my first-ever composition work.

A long time ago, this “contract” honored in exchange for a beer triggered my passion for screen music.