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Press photo 2018 Wings for Louise

Press photo 2018 Wings for Louise

Press photo 2018 “All we have is Now” Play

Press photo 2018 “All we have is Now” Play

Early Sessions setup Wings for Louise

Early Sessions setup Wings for Louise

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also, here is my last interview (🇫🇷) with Keep MTL Weird.

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Dancing Astronaut

“Echo 6 reworks the emotive number in an incredibly endearing fashion. The newly minted tune is perfect for ending an evening out in its near eight minutes of sheer sonic bliss.”

rural sounds.png

Rural sounds

“The soaring sound of pads and strings in the start of the track is the right amount of ambient – it leaves you wondering what is around the corner. As your ears focus on this introspective like moment, the atmosphere fades back and a delicate piano melody is introduced.”



“De ses compositions délicates à la croisée de la musique classique, de l'ambient et du post-rock, il vient poser un voile de douceur et de lumière parfait sur le ciel gris”



“With music piracy at an all time high these days, it’s refreshing to see fans who will stand behind good music. This is the case with producer Echo 6, out of Montreal, who just had his first album creation crowdfunded through his fans.”


we like it indie

"Echo 6 release this excellent future beat complex song Forget and Learn. We loved it”

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“French-born Echo 6 beautifully delivers and remixes this upbeat classic into a downtempo and orchestral masterpiece that almost makes you forget the sometimes sheer 'crudity' of the movie itself”


the trip and the hop

“His combination of instruments is also askin to Emancipator. Complex but relaxing guitar riffs, supple piano melodies, exotic wind instruments, accompanied by well formed synths and simple beats. What more could you need?”

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higher plain music

“All We Have Now’. It’s a beautiful spacey mix of contemporary melodic piano and some really cool synths and modulators that mash-up sounds in different ways.”